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During  COVID-19 ALERT LEVEL 2, St Lukes Veterinary Centre will be open as usual for all routine consultations, vaccinations & procedures. Please call us on 098455573 to make an appointment.  To help maintain social distancing , we ask that only one person accompanies their pet into the clinic.  We also ask that masks are worn inside the building. Click here for further information.

St Lukes Veterinary Centre will continue to remain open during the COVID-19 Level 3 Alert.  We will continue to update this page as required with information regarding our COVID-19 protocols at the clinic as well as any other information regarding COVID-19 & your pet.  So scroll down for more information but feel free to call us on 09 8455573 or email us at pets@stlukesvet.co.nz

Frequently Asked Questions

Is St Lukes Veterinary Centre open during COVID-19 Level 3 Alert?

Yes. we are open to see all animals during this time.  This includes dispensing repeat medications, prescription diets etc.

What hours are you open?

Opening hours are 8:00am to 6:00pm Monday to Friday.  We have reduced our hours slightly as we have split our team into two for this period.

What if I have an emergency afterhours ?

As usual the Animal Emergency Centre at 97 Carrington Rd will be open for any after hours emergencies.  Please call them on 098492121 if required.

Can I just come down to the clinic if I need something?

No.  Please call the clinic first.  If you need to pick something up, we will get it ready for you and bring it out when you arrive. If you think your pet needs to see a Vet, a nurse will triage over the phone and make an appointment as required.  For appropriate cases a Telemedicine consultation via Zoom may be arranged.  These protocols are in place to maintain social distancing during this time.

Can I book my pet in for a vaccination during the level-3 lockdown?

Yes you can.  Under the current restrictions though, we have some  reduced capacity to see animals for vaccination so please be prepared to book a few days ahead at this time.  If you have a puppy or kitten that still needs to receive its primary vaccinations, we will prioritise these.  Fortunately we do have some margin built into our annual schedule so you don't have to worry about your pet becoming susceptible to these diseases in the next month or two.  Vaccinations for leptospirosis and feline immunodeficiency virus  do need to be given within 15 months of the previous injection or a booster vaccination will be required.  We will continue to send out our reminders as usual at this time for your information , 

Are you performing surgeries during this time?

Yes, our surgical theatre will be operating during Level-3.  This will include orthopaedic surgeries, abdomenal surgeries e.g foreign body removal, wound repair, emergency dental care, cancer surgery.  There may be a small wait time for non urgent surgeries during this period.  Please call the clinic so we can book your pet in as soon as possible.

If my pet needs to be put to sleep can I be with it?

Yes.  We ask that only one person comes in with your pet.  We have developed a protocol that will allow you to be with your pet while they "go to sleep " and maintain social distancing.  We know this is an emotional time regardless of the timing, but if that time should come, please talk to our staff and we will take you through everything beforehand.

Do you still do house calls?

Unfortunately at this time we will be unable to do a house call to visit your pet.  But if you are unable to leave your house please call us.  Ideally if you can get someone else to bring your pet in would be the best option.  In an emergency we would be able to pick up your pet  in a cage placed outside your front door.

Can you courier medications or food to us if we are unable to go out? 

Yes we can.  During the period of the COVID-19 Level 3 lockdown , we can courier medications or food to you with free delivery ( for orders over $30 ) 

What is the protocol if we need to bring my pet into the clinic?

  1. Please call first to make an appointment
  2. If you have contracted COVID-19 or have any symptoms , such as a cough, fever, tiredness, difficulty breathing please let us know and get someone else to bring your pet in
  3. When you arrive, please let us know you are here and leave your pet by our front door,  If there is no one at reception call  098455573 and let us know you are here.  Please respect the social distancing rule of 2 metres when we come out to collect your pet.
  4. One of our staff will come out and collect your pet and take it into the clinic.  During the examination with the veterinarian they will call you to discuss any findings.
  5. Once any medications are prepared, a nurse will contact you again.  Payment can be made contactlessly via paywave.  For amounts over the paywave limit the nurse can take payment via credit card over the phone and bring your pet back outside the Reception doors for you to collect.
  6. Where possible , we will try and follow up consultations by Telemedicine.

Are there any supply issues for medications or food?

At this current time there are no known issues with supply and we have normal stock levels on our shelves at this time.  We do reccomend if you are ordering repeat medications to call us with plenty of time as courier delivery times etc may take longer during this period.

Can I still book an appointment online?

Yes you can still use  our online booking system .  If you would like to arrange a Telemedicine consult please call the clinic to organise this.