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St Lukes Veterinary Centre Cattery

During  COVID-19 ALERT LEVEL 2, St Lukes Veterinary Centre will be open as usual for all routine consultations, vaccinations & procedures. Please call us on 098455573 to make an appointment.  To help maintain social distancing , we ask that only one person accompanies their pet into the clinic.  We also ask that masks are worn inside the building. Click here for further information.

St Lukes Veterinary Centre has a modern air conditioned cattery that houses housing up to 25 cats. During the day the cats have a spacious communal area to lounge around in. At night each cat has its own individual cage for sleeping in.

Should your cat have any special requirements such as medications or special diets, we are happy to accommodate these. Feel free to call the clinic and discuss any special arrangements with the staff. Our Auckland cattery can usually accommodate the less sociable cat when required. We also have some larger cages for those cats that prefer to keep to themselves..

We know you want to be sure your cat will be happy during it's stay with us. For that reason we invite you to come and check out our premises if you wish prior to booking your pet in. 

As part of our cat day care’s commitment to ensuring your cat has a happy and healthy stay with us, we do require he or she to have been vaccinated against cat flu and feline enteritis in the previous 12 months, as well as being up to date with flea and worm treatment.


Cats may be dropped off or picked up during normal clinic hours.
These are 8am to 6pm Monday to Friday and 9am to 3pm Saturday

We are closed  for drop offs and pick ups on Sunday and public holidays.


Off peak rate $19.50 per cat per night

Peak rate $24.50 per cat per night 

Medication required $5.00 per cat per night 

Peak Times

Christmas /  New year: 20 Dec - 10 Jan

Easter:  Thursday night - Monday morning

Long weekends: Friday night - Tuesday Morning


All cats are fed separately when they are put away for the night. We are pleased to be able to provide Royal Canin cat food  for your cat during it's stay. This is a premium food, and is very popular with our guests. 

If however your cat has specific dietary requirements ( and we know just how fussy cats can be ) or require special food or medication, these can be easily catered for.