Dental health is important for animals.  As your pet ages, they will require dental care to keep their mouth healthy and pain-free We have a full dental suite to help keep your pet’s teeth in excellent condition.  This includes ultrasonic scaling for tartar removal, digital x-rays to examine what is going on beneath the gum surface and high-speed drill for any extractions that may be required.

Most animals will require some dental care by the time they are 6-8 years of age.  The aim is to keep the gums and mouth in a healthy condition so that extractions are kept to a minimum.  All dental procedures will require a general anaesthetic as to be asleep enough for the dental procedure we do need to place an endo-tracheal tube to ensure we have a protected airway.  After an examination and descale with an ultrasonic scaler and teeth of concern are investigated, x-rayed when necessary and if required, extracted. If stitches are required these will be dissolvable. 

Most patients will go home the same day, but with some older patients or when we have a lot of extractions, we may decide to keep them in hospital overnight on i/v fluids until we are sure they feel like eating and drinking.  When required they may go home with antibiotics and pain relief.  If there have been extractions we will get your pet back in one week to check everything is healing well.

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